February is Here!

Are you like us and wonder where the time flies too?   We are a month into 2012 and I have barely declared my resolutions!    During the summer and fall I get asked daily, “what do you do when the Inn is closed?”.    I always answer that we do improvements, planning, marketing and, of course, take a vacation.

So far in 2012, I can check off vacation!  We have had a wonderful stay in sunny Southern California visiting our friends and family. For those of you who don’t know, we moved to NH from Orange County, California 9 years ago.  It has been great to be back. We have spent our time well scouring stores and restaurants for ideas!  We pour over menus and wine lists looking for sparks of inspiration.   I know, its a tough job but…

We also have set our 10 goals for the Inn this year.  Each of them will improve the Squam Lake Inn and enhance your stay!  The details and lists are long.  What we want you to know is that we spend this valuable off season planning for a better than ever upcoming season at the S.L.I.!  Cindy

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