Construction Begins!

The Beams!

Beams Ready for installation

A  busy week at the Squam Lake Inn comes to a close! Rick and Dave of Granite Shores Builders have been on site this week constructing a screened porch on the deck. We are very excited about the new porch area and think this is a welcomed enhancement to the inn. The actual number of seats have not changed, we will just have a more functional and versatile place to enjoy dining!  The framing, roofing and electrical are completed.  Finish work begins tomorrow.  We have been actively involved in the construction project…painting!  Stay in touch to see our progress.

View from the new bar!

The Roof is on!

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Sunday Brunch includes Donuts!

VT Ingredients

My affections for donuts began at an early age.  I have many memories of  watching bakery ladies through a large window decorate cakes at Rossmoor Pastries, then entering the bakery for the prized raspberry jelly sugar donut.  I have not eaten a jelly donut to date that can compare with my memory of the that donut!

I have been wanting to incorporate donuts into our guests experience since we bought the inn 8 years ago. Donuts made to date…ZERO.   Each fall comes as goes without a single apple cider donut made in our kitchen. Well, that is about to change. We made the quick trip to King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT for a class in donut making.The class was a bunch of fun and took the mystery out of donut making. We made three types of donuts: churros, baked cinnamon sugar donuts and a German Berliner. The Berliner was a raspberry filled gem that rivaled my childhood memory of the “best” donut ever.

Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts!

This season we will be serving Sunday Brunch to our inn guests as well as our local customers. I know that some of you are smiling right now.  In addition to our scratch made pastries, we thought donuts would be a fun addition to a Sunday.  Definitely be on the look out for the Berliner as well as few other delights.  Don’t be surprised if I work our bacon into a scrumptious donut.  Our bacon is already EPIC and donuts are pretty high on the list of irresistible sweets.  So to merry these ingredients up seems, um, natural, right?

Make plans to join us on Sundays this summer.  We will be open for Mother’s Day Brunch, May 9th from 9-2 .  Our official opening day for the cafe is Friday, May 28th.

To learn more about the classes at King Arthur:

There was a writer in our class you can view her article here:

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Eat Local! Food Inc. and Fresh Films

We were fortunate to attend a screening of the documentary, Fresh, this week in Plymouth, NH.  D’Acres Organic Farm sponsored the event.  The movie, Food, Inc was a “wake up call” and Fresh is an inspiring film to enlist a grass roots movement of change.  If you have not seen either of these films yet–try to fit it in to your schedule. They are bound to change the way you think about food!

I mention these films because they serve as inspiration and reminders that eating local can be a reality–with some effort.  At the Squam Lake Inn, we are committed to serving local food in our cafe. Each year we have included more local ingredients to our menu. This year is no different.  We are very passionate are using local sources, but first you have to find them!  It can be a bit frustrating and very time consuming trying to source our food locally. We are small enough that we can’t consume what a local farm would commit to plant for us yet to too large to purchase consistently from local farm stands.  We are actively forming partnerships with local farms and we can tell you that it is a rewarding feeling to support them!

Please stay posted as we are planning some exciting enhancements  to our menus.

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Wow, how time flies!

Bennett Cove-Comfortable Main Level Room

We have not updated our blog since July, we vow to get better at communicating more frequently! I will try to bring this blog up to date…The most common question we hear throughout our season is, “so what do you do in the off season?” We are now in the thick of the off season and crunch time will be here before we know it! The biggest project we have been working on is a new website. We are not actually doing the design work, we have enlisted White Stone Marketing to do the design. We have worked with White Stone for about 6 years and they finally convinced us that a new site was imperative! About 18% of web content is actually read, so Jumping Rocks Photography was here in November to shoot the interior of the inn.  I must mention that 1 room was repainted and 4 rooms were redecorated in the 72 hours prior to their arrival!  Mark and Matthew from Jumping rocks were awesome to have here and the shots they took of the place made the the Squam Lake Inn shine! They will be back in June to photograph the barn, the deck, more food and the exterior of the inn. We are looking forward to their return. Here is a link a link to their notes from visiting the Squam Lake Inn:

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Exclusive Evening with Napa Station Founder & Winemaker

Napa Station Chard

Napa Station Chard

Squam Lake Inn Café & Napa Station Wines

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enjoy wine pours from Napa Station & Great Food from the SLI!

Each wine will be complemented with small plates lovingly prepared.  An opportunity to try three new wines & special menu items on our outdoor deck.  Great wine & food, mingle with friends & meet winemaker, Peter Huwiler.   Prix fixe = $45

Call to reserve your spot 603-968-4417 or RSVP via Facebook

Squam Lake Inn

28 Shepard Hill Road

Holderness, NH  03245

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Produce at Squam Lake Inn

The weather this month has been a bit damp and grey.  I am looking forward to July and anticipate a shift  in the weather pattern.  Bring the summer season on!  On the upside, our gardens have enjoyed the rain and our thriving.  We have been using our cilantro in salsas and our tangy mexican caesar dressing for a couple of weeks. Last week our arugula was used extensively on our menu items.  I think it is so cool to step out the kitchen door and grab a handful of herbs for an omelette.   Our guests enjoyed a breakfast this morning with a variety of herbs and greens 100% from our garden.  Our lettuce will be harvested this week and utilized in our tasty salads.

3 Weeks seed to harvest!

3 Weeks seed to harvest!

Just 3 weeks seed to harvest

Used in Sandwiches, pizzas and more!

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Squam Lake Inn is Honored to be in Boston Magazine!


Squam Lake Inn got a mention in this month’s issue of Boston Magazine as being a “charm-laden B&B” and a place to stay when visiting Squam! Check out the article using the link attached!

We searched out the best lake destinations within driving distance of Boston. They came back with these nine freshwater gems, and, for each, an itinerary for the perfect stay.


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Do you want Fresh Fish? Visit us for Dinner!

I am excited for our fish monger’s delivery tomorrow.  Our dinner menu will feature a parmesan and herb crusted halibut filet, blackened swordfish and our traditional New England baked haddock dish.  We are hopeful to secure some wild Alaska sockeye salmon for next weekends dinner service.

If seafood is not your thing…don’t worry, we got you covered.  Stop in on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Call for a reservation:  603-968-4417

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Mt. Morgan & Mt. Percival :: Hiking near Squam Lake

View of Squam from Mt. Morgan

View of Squam from Mt. Morgan

This is the spectacular view of Squam  & Lake Winnipesaukee  from atop Mt. Morgan. The trail head is located 10 minutes from the inn.  It is an great hike, with some challenging terrain.  We turned a 3 hour hike into a 5 hour expedition! We know where we went wrong and we will most certainly pass along our error to future hikers!  I am anxious to do this hike again this summer.  This photo was taken on April 25, 2009.  There was still some snow at the top of the mountains.

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Watch our Garden Grow – New Hampshire Produce

We have expanded our gardens this season.  We installed raised beds in early May (thanks Dad!) and some arugula and lettuce seed went in about 2 weeks ago.   Tomato, peppers and a variety of herbs were planted today. We are excited to start utilizing the herbs in our dressings, marinades and salsas.


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