Six rooms are receiving bathroom upgrades this month. We have completed stripping the bathrooms of the sinks, toilets, showers and light fixtures. It has been a group effort, Diane & I are the designated shower demolition team, Nick does the heavy lifting, Molly and Cindy prepare the rooms for painting!  We were hoping to find some relics behind the walls–no luck!

The bathrooms will be upgraded with Kohler fixtures including our favorite comfort height toilet! We are excited to see the finished bathrooms , the project will be completed by April 1st. For those of you that are familiar with the inn you may be asking yourself, “Why only the upstairs rooms, what about those lovely downstairs rooms with the big bathrooms?” Well, we got plans for those rooms slated for next off season.  That will be  a project to keep your on eye on! You may even want to advance book the room-it will be special! Rae