We were fortunate to attend a screening of the documentary, Fresh, this week in Plymouth, NH.  D’Acres Organic Farm sponsored the event.  The movie, Food, Inc was a “wake up call” and Fresh is an inspiring film to enlist a grass roots movement of change.  If you have not seen either of these films yet–try to fit it in to your schedule. They are bound to change the way you think about food!

I mention these films because they serve as inspiration and reminders that eating local can be a reality–with some effort.  At the Squam Lake Inn, we are committed to serving local food in our cafe. Each year we have included more local ingredients to our menu. This year is no different.  We are very passionate are using local sources, but first you have to find them!  It can be a bit frustrating and very time consuming trying to source our food locally. We are small enough that we can’t consume what a local farm would commit to plant for us yet to too large to purchase consistently from local farm stands.  We are actively forming partnerships with local farms and we can tell you that it is a rewarding feeling to support them!

Please stay posted as we are planning some exciting enhancements  to our menus.