At the Inn Kitchen + Bar, there is no doubt that we are serious about our beer. Sure, we may have a few gluten free staff members who we treat like outcasts, but that’s only because we think they are fools for not trying the phenomenal beers we have on tap all season long. We love to support the fantastic New England craft beers you will find across the granite state, and we think it shows with our seasonal selections for 2016.

We change our taps throughout the year as our customers don’t always care about saving any for the next guy, so if there is something on the following list you can’t wait to try, make it your beeswax to get on down for a beer pairing dinner. Our staff and bartenders will have some excellent suggestions for you. If you had a favorite and it’s gone, don’t fret, there is a new favorite waiting to be discovered. Come see “What’s on Tap” to start the season….

new england craft beers

Peak Organic Fresh Cut (Portland, ME) –  4.9% a.b.v. – Here, do wanna have a taste? That’s all that we need to say to make beer lovers fall in love with the pour that makes it back on our tap list year after year. It’s organic, and in our minds that makes it healthy and we can drink as much as we want. While that might not be what a medical professional told us, it is a crowd favorite pilsner with the perfect hoppy finish.

For the ideal All-American meal, pair it with Fifi’s Cobb Salad and the 50/50 burger.

Plum Island Belgian White (Newburyport, MA) 5.5% a.b.v. – Crisp and white. Does not leave a hefty aftertaste. Citrusy in the right way. Fine nose. Lingering finish. Because it is unfiltered it has a lot more body than most Belgian beers. We figured this beer needed a more refined, sophisticated description. Did we nail it?

Oh, and we must say that it is ‘simply divine’ when paired with our Sautéed Scallops….

White Birch Hop Session IPA (Hooksett, NH) – 5.5% a.b.v. – The IPA seems like it is taking over the beer world, doesn’t it? If you think that’s a good thing, then you are going to want to taste this. The Hop Session makes no bones about who it wants to be; A big, hoppy, bold IPA perfect for sipping slowly with some fellow beer enthusiasts over a spirited conversation about malts and yeast and fermentation and you get the picture.

If you want a unique taste combination, start with our PEI mussels followed by the Pimento Cheeseburger with fried pickles. Exactly.

squam lake craft beerMaine Brewing APA (Freeport, ME) – 6.0% a.b.v – A pale ale that you wanna drink on the reg.’ That is how Taylor (a pale american) describes this beer, so you know it has to be true.

We polled the staff and while they all agree that it pairs with a number of our entrees and starters, they all agreed it was perfect with one of our guest favorites, Buttermilk Fried Chicken.

Throwback Dippity-Do (Northampton, NH) 5.7 % a.b.v. – We have to steal a line from Throwback themselves, “This beer is as fun to drink as it is to say,” because we wholeheartedly agree. This brown ale might not be on the tap for very long as it has proven the most popular in our first few weeks.

Our kitchen staff all agreed that if you want to ‘Dippity-Do it right’ (see what we did there?), pair this with our Flat Iron Steak Frites for a filling and satisfying meal, or the Portobello stack. We think vegetarians should drink as much beer as the carnivores, if not more.

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon (San Francisco, CA) 4.9 % a.b.v. – I’m guessing you’ve probably never tasted something quite like this. Unless you’ve already tastes this. In that case, you probably already tasted something exactly like this and we don’t have to tell you how special it is. As you can see, this is not a local New England brew. Don’t go telling everyone though, because we really wanted to kick off the season by showcasing this exceptional concoction from one of our favorite west coast brewers. With just the right hint of natural watermelon flavor, this is the perfect beer to enjoy on the first warm days of the season.

Pair this with our crab cakes and the SLI Wedge Salad and look around the dining room. If someone else has done exactly the same, I think you might be soul mates or at the very least, trusting readers of our blog.

Take a look at our Spring Menu to see if you have some other great pairing ideas and make sure to follow us on our Facebook Page as we let our fans know as soon as we have a new tap arriving. You could also participate in an online poll this season and be part of the decision making process for what beers grace the Inn Kitchen + Bar draft list this year.