VT Ingredients

My affections for donuts began at an early age.  I have many memories of  watching bakery ladies through a large window decorate cakes at Rossmoor Pastries, then entering the bakery for the prized raspberry jelly sugar donut.  I have not eaten a jelly donut to date that can compare with my memory of the that donut!

I have been wanting to incorporate donuts into our guests experience since we bought the inn 8 years ago. Donuts made to date…ZERO.   Each fall comes as goes without a single apple cider donut made in our kitchen. Well, that is about to change. We made the quick trip to King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT for a class in donut making.The class was a bunch of fun and took the mystery out of donut making. We made three types of donuts: churros, baked cinnamon sugar donuts and a German Berliner. The Berliner was a raspberry filled gem that rivaled my childhood memory of the “best” donut ever.

Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts
Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts!

This season we will be serving Sunday Brunch to our inn guests as well as our local customers. I know that some of you are smiling right now.  In addition to our scratch made pastries, we thought donuts would be a fun addition to a Sunday.  Definitely be on the look out for the Berliner as well as few other delights.  Don’t be surprised if I work our bacon into a scrumptious donut.  Our bacon is already EPIC and donuts are pretty high on the list of irresistible sweets.  So to merry these ingredients up seems, um, natural, right?

Make plans to join us on Sundays this summer.  We will be open for Mother’s Day Brunch, May 9th from 9-2 .  Our official opening day for the cafe is Friday, May 28th.

To learn more about the classes at King Arthur: