Bennett Cove-Comfortable Main Level Room

We have not updated our blog since July, we vow to get better at communicating more frequently! I will try to bring this blog up to date…The most common question we hear throughout our season is, “so what do you do in the off season?” We are now in the thick of the off season and crunch time will be here before we know it! The biggest project we have been working on is a new website. We are not actually doing the design work, we have enlisted White Stone Marketing to do the design. We have worked with White Stone for about 6 years and they finally convinced us that a new site was imperative! About 18% of web content is actually read, so Jumping Rocks Photography was here in November to shoot the interior of the inn.  I must mention that 1 room was repainted and 4 rooms were redecorated in the 72 hours prior to their arrival!  Mark and Matthew from Jumping rocks were awesome to have here and the shots they took of the place made the the Squam Lake Inn shine! They will be back in June to photograph the barn, the deck, more food and the exterior of the inn. We are looking forward to their return.